My Present Moment

This is my current body. Today is. I am. The trees outside are the best shade of green and the sky is the best choice of blue. It does amaze me regularly that the sky is blue. I am grateful that my life is so accessible. So much is available to me.

I am going to just write a bit about where I am currently at on this journey. I haven’t blogged for about 4 years and I know this is going to add to healthy routines. I’ve started this blog because I have to make a blog post for an assignment at University. I’m excited because the assignment requires analyzing a form of recent media. I have chosen a music video for one of my most favourite songs. I have been out of school for the past 4 years trying to figure out what to do with my existence. I’ve been working minimum wage jobs and I’ve come to frustration with each of them… I needed more of a challenge, so I am finishing my Undergraduate Degree and I am pursuing Naturopathic Medicine–which I have contemplated for about 7 years now. It feels good to pursue something that I know will come with it’s own difficulties. Difficulties that will be so worth it. Health and balance are passions of mine, knowing that this education will enable me to dissect the truths of wellbeing sets my soul totally on fire.

Currently, I have been struggling a bit with my meditation. As I have grown more meditative the ego has also grown stronger. It is a daily challenge that has been accepted- to not listen to the ego. It tells me to do something else just like it used to when I first started this practice. Ahh, how the ebbs and flows of learning and changing amaze me… Sitting and being with what IS has to be one of the most healing and continuing experiences had thus far.

Well, overall I am grateful. It is unusual for me to write online and to be able to be raw, so I am just going to leave this post at this level for now.


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