Healing Reflections in the Moment

Well, here I am, once again. I sit perched upon a floral chair from the 70s. I do not force these fingers to type. This is but one example of flow. Ah, how incredible it is, that the body, the mind, the entire experience can show us exactly what we need in each moment. How we feel in each moment is exactly like a land marker that tells us how in tune we are with our highest selves. There is communication there if the mind can be silenced. But how to get out of blockages? Relaxing into them sometimes helps, but other times they persist, and though I know they are to be worked through, I also feel there is some key seemingly undiscovered. So for now, these states are all to be enjoyed (as they always should be) always welcomed…

I have been guiding meditations from my home, in a temple erected in my living room. I’ll post some photos below of the space. It has been deeply fulfilling to share the multi-faceted practice of meditation with beginners on a one-on-one basis. Words cannot describe the way in which it fulfills me, brings me joy, brings me deeper into meditation and closer to my passions. I have been energy testing my body often as well to see whether I should branch into the online world with my healing techniques. I’ve been doing more than just meditation–getting super into vibrational sound healing. It comes so intuitively. So intriguing how the being responds to frequency. It makes me EXCITED! Most certainly a part of a journey with healing that I’ve been partaking in for many lifetimes. This summer I also completed my certification in holistic hypnosis. I’ll attach the poster I made for it. The techniques involve waking hypnosis with a lot of kinesiological muscle testing in order to inquire into what the many different levels of the being are in need of. I can see myself developing the charts and references my teacher gave me in order to go deeper with said inquiries. There is presence of a burning passion inside me to develop modalities, deepen understanding and invest in my healing abilities with the many different forms of investment.



Ah, it really does feel good to just type on here and speak about my current existence… So much has come to me in the physical realm recently. Abundance surrounds me more than ever before and gratitude has shown itself in new dimensions as well. What magic this all is. My chakras are developing too…yet another beautiful system that I forever read upon and long to learn more about. It is clear in this experience that many changes are happening here on a chakra level. I am excited to see how they combine, as I know that when certain ones are open at the same time it leads to some incredible states. This is why I spend so many hours alone. So many hours pondering life, growing myself, caring for myself. I do sometimes long for more friends to welcome into my sacred space, this beautiful apartment could use a tea party. But alas, for now, my consciousness family is both dispersed without and forever within.

Here’s the poster for my services: (if you read this and feel you could benefit, please do feel free to reach out via email)

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 6.23.49 PM.png

I must always and forever remember that we all share this moment of non-separation, non-duality.

May we all see clearly. May all beings be happy.

May all beings find peace.




(Featured image is an original print by myself, Alley Hart)

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